and as my insides shake

and my peripheral starts to sharpen

my sense of smell heightens

and noises volume-ise

i know its near

the intention



10 thoughts on “dread

    • My intuition, i used to think, was slightly off … but really its been more accurate than anything else!!! Thank you for the vote of confidence … going to go dust off my cape now ;)

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      • I envy those who have intuition… I don’t seem to have much. It’s a little harder to navigate when you don’t have an inner voice giving you suggestions and warnings.

        Achoooooo! You let too much dust accumulate on your cape. Really, you shouldn’t ever take it off, except to wash it. :)

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        • Really? I thought everyone had intuition or that inner alarm bell that sounds whenever the shit is about to hit the proverbial fan ;) Or you mean yours is turned down a few notches?? You seem like your deeply intuitive .. i mean, you know how to smell injustice a mile off!
          And yes, the cape, needs a couple hard core washes I think, then I’ll be set … good idea too, I think I’ll sleep with it on in future :)

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        • No, not everyone has intuition. And plenty of people don’t know how to tune into it. I listen for it, but I never hear it. Maybe it’s because of the very loud and constant ringing in my ears. :)

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        • Wow, I didn’t know that! Not even a gutt churning thing?? I used to think my gutt churning meant that I had something wrong with my stomach lol turns out thats where my intuition resided :) And its sharpened over the years. But I figured on the gutt thing because the kids and the mokos have the same thing! Kids are clever little toads … and they haven’t been ‘tarnished’ so its even sharper for them. … But for you, yes, the ringing in the ears … and the constant pain your in, could have a shitload to do with it!!

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        • No, don’t really get the gut-churning thing. But sometimes fear can make my stomach drop to my knees. Some people like that feeling, like riding a roller coaster. But not me. I like the Merry-go-round. :)

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