resilience, hope and strength…2015

I’ve had a few moments over the last few days, remembering how hard it was to ‘remember’ who I was whilst in the throws of undiagnosed pts(d). The feeling of almost having completely lost myself. It still frightens me a little. And I still have moments of it .. of feeling so lost I might lose a complete grip on everything! So I decided to go over my story again … thats why I wrote it down after all 😉 Its nearly been a year since I finished doing that, and sometimes I’m going to need a reminder of how fucking amazing I am 😉 I may re post all of them over the next little while … not sure … I’ll probably just keep going until I feel better xoxo


I finally got a shrink assigned to me and my shit, part way through this year. Well actually, I found her, and then let ACC know I was going to meet her…so I did their job for them…assholes. The shrink though, she’s pretty good…not to poncy or namby pamby. Shes blunt…well as blunt as she’s allowed to be and probably not as blunt as me. But she still has that ‘possum in the headlights’ kind of glaze in her eyes…like peeps that are caught on the mouse wheel looking for a break to jump off.

The first day I met her, was…interesting. I was still doing the rigid, bawled up mess in the car thing…and when we had this initial meet, I think I’d been out of the house twice. And that was to the beach and the shop. She asked questions like ‘so what brings you here’…’how are you today’. Because I was…

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