changing times

When my partner used to go away, I’d freak out. Bail up with all the doors locked, not sleep and generally have a full-scale panic attack until he returned.


I still lock all the doors. BUT .. I clean the house; enjoy the clean :) Watch re runs of The Walking Dead … cook for 1 :) Light the fire, toast marshmallows :) Have an extra-large glass of milk and milo … a bubble bath … listen to my music … go for a nice long walk on the beach … enjoy the peace and quiet … do some extra blogging :)

Ahhh how the times have changed … and today I’m loving it :)

kpm © : ig @kpm-artist


5 thoughts on “changing times

  1. I’m so glad you have posted this, I do this when my partner goes away and I hate it. Maybe I’ll try some of the things
    You do and hopefully I will start to enjoy the time alone. Thank you for sharing!

    • Aw your welcome .. glad its of some use to you! My panic came / comes from ptsd and all its frills lol … and its not so much ‘my things’ you need .. but do the things that you absolutely love! Whatever that is! As you can see, some of mine are extremely lame lol … but I love them! And now when he goes, or says he’s going, all I can think of is “Yippie”, and get myself some extra milo and marshmallows lol. I still do some of the things I used to so I feel ‘safe’; but I really do enjoy having my own space! … Hope it works for you xx

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