deconstructionist, the beach, a shrink, and no. 4 moko…2014

It’s nearly a year to the day since I wrote this … and trying to remember 2014 then was hard lol. As I re-read bits I remember other things. My first session of Romi Romi was god almighty painful and it felt like I’d had my liver, spleen and part of the intestines removed, rinsed, rung and stuck back in! It felt like that for about a month. But the relief and awareness it brought was like no other I’d experienced. I still practice Romi Romi now; and am more self aware in terms of – if the back of my head hurts its usually stemming from my shoulders or arms; a good massage in those areas tends to relieve it.
The other thing I noticed whilst reading through this, was my need to justify my actions. During that year and for a long time previous, I had always felt the need to defend my self, my position. Back up the theory with a shitload of evidence. I still have a smidge of that leftover I think, but nowhere near what I used to have. You know how god dam tiring it is having to justify every little action or reaction??!! It bites! And I don’t miss the necessity of doing it 🙂


I had taken a Personal Assistant slash Business Analyst/Deconstructionist position within a Maori Organisation, at the end of the previous year. My friend was the newly appointed CEO, and the idea, for me, was to see what my organisational skills and deconstructionist ideas could bring to the job. I took it on, partially because I could blend it to my needs…work from home…and because my friend knew what was going on for me, my hours and days could be as flexible as I needed them to be.

Within the first week, I had saved the org $45k, just through a bit of reorganising of the structure and doing away with what I deemed, needless and pointless conventional ‘have toos’. By the second week, we had saved around $75k total. I was enjoying the challenge, and found out I was damn good at what I was doing. I had/have a head…

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