we went on a hikoi.

Me and my Mama decided to go for a bit of a trip away.

Huge deal for me … I haven’t been anywhere for ages … I don’t usually go anywhere without the partner … strange place … strange smells … the unknown.

But whilst festering in bacteria in the hospital the other week, I decided that I really needed to start getting out more, and doing things that I actually enjoyed … and which didn’t involve a hospital!

Aside from that … I figured if I managed an ambulance and a hospital; 2 of my worst things to do … then I could probably handle some ME time away from my home.

So, with decision made last Thursday, I tried not to focus on the unknowns and focus on the excitement part instead.

… I get to spend time with my Mama

… We both enjoy photography and would get to take a shitload of photos on our trip

… We were going to the Taranaki, and I’d wanted to go there for ages

… Something different

I spent the entire day packing and reorganising and repacking and covered all my bases; taking everything I thought I might need; stuff to decrease anxiety; all my little ‘bag of tricks’; I packed them all!

The morning of, I was as nervous as hell and thought about pulling out, but didn’t. The partner dropped me off at Mamas, and even he was more than a lot surprised! We packed up the car, Mama and Me, and we headed out!

Without going into the blow by blow … I did it! And I enjoyed it .. loved it in fact!

I had a couple of freak out moments where I wanted to cover my ears and close my eyes and breath … so I did. And guess what … I survived!

We spent 2 nights and 3 days away. And I thoroughly fucking enjoyed all of it! So much so, we gonna do it again in a few months!!!

I’m enjoying the feeling of some kind of freedom – the freedom I used to have, but better!

photos of our expedition ;)

mama is an artist & photographer, and her latest subject matter had to do with the colonial assholes. this freak, was NZs prime minister for a time in the 1860s. hes quoted elsewhere, as saying ‘the only good maori, is a dead one’. and here he is! dead!

the whanganui opera house: i performed here when i was a little ballerina ;)

mama taking more photos john ballance: the racist cunt.

where we stayed, this little fullah decided to pose for a few dozen photos: introducing the kereru.

this fluff ball was @ the farm where we were staying. cute little dude i thought.

west coast beaches & that black sand <3

even a light tramp (aka strol) through our beautiful greenery <3

& no matter which why you turn, you can see our maunga (mountain) … shes majestic! x

kpm ©


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