family time

I decided to go stay with my daughters and the mokos the other day. Just for a catch up. I also think I was excited from my trip away with my Mama and that I could actually do it! I wanted to see what else I could do – stretch my limits so to speak.

And I loved it … I got to see moko 4 … lots of cuddles and stories :) And my youngest daughter … I hadn’t caught up with either of them after they returned from up north a few weeks ago.

Mokos 1, 2 and 3 … well they were their beautiful selves as well! Moko 1 has been playing the drums since he could walk and set up an elaborate construction of pots and pans on the floor and bash the living shit out of them … and now, at 8 years old, he has his own little drum kit and is having lessons. And now he’s teaching Me :) And guess what?? I think I’ve found my thing! You know, that thing that makes everything alright??!!! Yeah, well it turns out I’m not half bad! And I love bashing the living shit out of those things and making some kind of semblance of ‘music’ ;) So a set of drums is now on the ‘wish list’ slash ‘save for list’. My neighbours will be thrilled LOL.

Moko 1 is a deep wee soul too … he’s a thinker … thinks outside the box. He makes me smile :)

Then theres Moko 2. Whoaza! Miss 7 … oh, how to describe Miss 7 … sensitive – pushes the boundaries – pushes the buttons – knows the weak points in anothers personality – caring – empathetic (way beyond her years) – stroppy – vocal …

She’s gorgeous and she’s recently discovered a love for gymnastics. Not only is she extremely good it, but she loves it. You know how cool it is to see someone you love find their groove? Especially so early on in life! And for Miss 7, rhythm, dance, movement, design … these are all her things … that add to the beauty that is her :)

Moko 3 … well … she has the straightest face I’ve ever seen on a child. Piercing eyes … enough to make a grown man feel awkward. You know how proud I am of that skill LOL! And she knows what she wants … she’s nearly 3, and is very sure of what she likes and dislikes … likes, being chocolate and The Fast and The Furious LOL … dislikes, being loud noises and someone in her face! She reminds me a lot of her Mama :)

Moko 4 … has just turned 2. What a little madam :) Very cute … very particular … very much in her own groove; giving her Mama a run for her money … and now they’re living with my eldest daughter, Moko 4 is finding a whole new confidence … you know the kind that has ‘back up’. When Mama says No, she has Aunty and Uncle and Cousins she can run to, drop her lip and point to the top shelf where the ‘bic-its’ (biscuits) are, and they’ll get them for her LOL. Extremely resourceful darling :)

So, an enjoyable couple of days with everyone.

I survived … I conquered … I stretched myself … I had a couple of ‘moments’, but nothing to warrant medication ;)

And guess what?

I’m fucking exhausted now LOL!!!

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