365 reasons to smile ~ 283.

283. Now, I’m not smiling because of the pollution … I’m smiling at the irony of it all … we’ve portrayed ourselves as one of the most beautifulest, cleanest, greenest countries in the world, and because of the plunder and greed that carries on via government consent, we haven’t been clean and green for a very very long time. Where I live, we have one of the worst Lakes in NZ for pollution, on our back doorstep. It was tested awhile ago and results stated that if a small child were to drink any of the contaminated water, they would more than likely die!

Good on you NZ government; you’re doing a completely fucked up job!!!



2 thoughts on “365 reasons to smile ~ 283.

    • Thank you … We just elected a new Mayor for our region yesterday – and his biggest push is to clean up our waterways! Fingers crossed that happens sooner rather than later!

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