a new home ..

One of my old abstracts is making its way to a new home on the weekend … I’ll miss it … it holds a shitload of memories and feelings … but, time to let it go I feel ❤



5 thoughts on “a new home ..

  1. Dude, that is awesome! I had a portfolio of paintings and drawings I had done for art school that I eventually threw away because I got tired of moving the crap around from place to place. Wish I would have kept them. If you know the address of its new home, you can always steal it back should you feel inclined. 😉

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    • Haha … Thankyou … Theres heaps of stuff I haven’t kept over the years … or given away in a fit of “I’m tired of carrying this round” … but theres a few, this being one of them, that I haven’t wanted to part with … mainly because of the ‘stuff’ that went in to painting it. But its time I think … I do know where its going .. and they know the backstory of it, which made me feel ok about parting with it. And when I told my partner … hes like YUSS… turns out these are hard for him to look at, knowing what it cost me to do them – hadn’t really thought of his comfort all these years though LOL 🙂 … I have said to the new owner, if they decide they don’t want it, for whatever reason .. I want it back 😉


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