why 365 reasons to smile?

I noticed today that I am at 354 of ‘365 reasons to smile’, the explanation of which, is below.
I think it’s done its job … and I’m pleased I persevered. I wasn’t sure that it was actually possible to smile at something every single day … and although there have been a couple days, where it hasn’t been possible … it’s only been a couple of days :)
Next year I’ll continue doing this, but might go for ’52 reasons to smile’, just to remind myself what the dilly is :)
Thankyou to all those that have been part of my hikoi … blessings … you are muchly appreciated!!!
Peace Out!


Part way through ‘therapy’ last year, the shrink suggested I do a type of diary thingy, that involved documenting in a day, 3 things.

  1. What I was grateful for
  2. What I enjoyed
  3. What made me smile

Now these are my abbreviated and re-analysed ‘What I’s’…she had more technical and flouncy psychological linguistics for them…in a nutshell though…

The essence was to re train the mind to focus on the good stuff (thereby re training the emotions and the physical being as well)…that whether or not I recognised it within a day, there was good stuff.

I guess the thing with PTSD and all the other fucked up shit that goes along with it; your being becomes almost hardwired for the intense; the unpredictable; the terrifying; the hard core shit. It’s not a negative thing, as in ‘your a pessimistic person’ type thing; it’s the reality of having lived through some…

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