Panic and Anxiety Attack Management 101

Some great advise and how-too’s … thankyou Mrs Mango :)

For more please visit ‘Gain Through The Pain’


Gain Through The Pain

I’m going to quickly start by saying that I am no medical professional and that this post is based on my experiences and personal opinion. If you are suffering from an unchecked anxiety or panic disorder I highly recommend seeking professional help. I know I can bash them a lot but there IS help out there (both medical and therapeutic) and having someone to turn to when things get rough that is trained to help you handle it can be a real LIFE SAVER.

Secondly, I’d like to point out that even after you understand that I’m not licensed or trained to give you or anyone else any sort of guidance or advice, you have to take into account that mental disorders are highly individual. Not everyone experiences their attacks the same way, has the same symptoms or is able to use the same coping methods. While this is frustrating…

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