my grandad.

me and my grandfather <3

me and my grandfather.

The most important Man in my life.

My Grandfather is my Father and Grandfather all rolled into one. I knew he loved Me. Not by what he said, but by how he acted. And for Me that has always been more important than words. His actions toward Me always spoke volumes, even when I wasn’t really aware of it; or became aware of it, after the fact.

It’s been … a long while … since he passed … and I miss him ferociously … every day.

But I am grateful … forever grateful … that this mans influence has been my ‘measuring stick’ of what protection and love look like. I am forever grateful for the love he gave me and the lessons he taught.

From this beautiful man came my love of building … concrete … music … Italian cuisine … poppies … bacon and eggs and fried tomatoes in the morning … structure … cup of tea and super wine biscuit breaks (very important when your a builder ;) ) … vegetable gardens … good tools …

I think he influenced nearly every good aspect of my life.

He always wanted me to go to University and study politics and eventually go into government. I never really understood his reasoning … as he never really gave reasons. In later years I understood that he wanted us to change the system from the inside out. He didn’t believe in War; as he had fought in WW2 … and I’m pretty sure the effects of that were embedded in his being. He barely talked about it, and when he did, he’d talk about ammunitions and that they shouldn’t be made … and as long as they were made, there’d always be War.

But instead I went University and did Criminology; and in his last hours with us, he told me he was proud of me. It made me cry. That even in that moment, as he could barely breathe; he thought to tell me he was proud of me.

And that was the kind of man he was.

I love you Grandad … and miss you every day … thankyou for everything you were and thankyou for your constant presence with Me.

I hope I continue to make you proud :)

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