for my friend: “karas migrating pickles” …

I have a blogging friend.

Her name is Kara.

She’s a bit stubborn.


She’s one hell of a machine too!

And she loves …



Yep. Thats right.




Now my friend has a few things ‘happening’.


And she could do with some pickles right now.


And I thought I might package some of our NZ pickles up and send her some.


However, due to the recent immigration ‘restrictions’, I wasn’t sure if those little beauties would actually make it over the border:
c011f3f7121e708fcbb71a79ef1de5b973c9d1c78bbe6c54f4c11365ea9729dfAnd it would seem the only pickles welcome are those in this sandwich!



Oh and in a McDs burger:


So my alternate solution was going to be to send Kara some nice pickle related paraphernalia … like theses:




But found that these would probably not make it over the boarder either … as they are ‘alt-solutions’ and these aren’t welcome … just ‘alt-facts’.

But not to be deterred!


It would seem blogging hasn’t been completely censored yet …

A – Hah, I thought … Why not ‘send’ Kara a beautiful little post, reminding her that she is deeply admired; that her ‘comments’ and virtual friendship are also deeply appreciated … and that if she doesn’t meet her ‘obligations’ … I shalt virtually kick her ass ;)


So Kara, This last pickle Accolade is Just For You :)





Please get better-er soon :)

And for everyone else:

Check out the quick witt of Ms Kara @

Making the best of the sh*t I’ve got”



13 thoughts on “for my friend: “karas migrating pickles” …

  1. Wow, talent and wit all over the p!ace.
    Thanks for making our Kara laugh (laparotomy ow). I can pick up the pickle soap, Archie McPhee is here in Seattle.
    How about some dilly bars, too?
    Here’s an old family secret recipe, a sandwich, no baloney, just peanut butter and pickle. Dillicious, and fattening.

    Liked by 2 people

    • :) The least I can do for a lovely lady from here! And yes please!! A couple please … I do believe she’s in need of an assisted shower ! That soap may actually help take the ‘ouch’ out of it all … I know it would for me LOL.
      Dilly bars?? Let me google that … nothing to do with Dil-do’s I hope? I’m thinking she won’t be up for that … at all!
      Peanut butter and pickle … dillicious hahaha, I see what you did there!!!! :) :)

      Liked by 2 people

    • Hah … thankyou … for a wonderful person ;)
      And there weren’t choices for the soap .. .in fact I didn’t know there was such a range in pickle paraphernalia at all lol!

      Liked by 1 person

    • I’ve never compared to the sweetness of a gherkin before … actually I don’t think I’ve ever been called ‘sweet’ per se … plenty of other things though … not so sweet LOL.
      And you are very welcome and worth every pickle pic :)
      Enjoy the pickles! xo …

      Liked by 2 people

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