whilst making chocolate chippie cookies:

For my brothers 40th birthday par-tay on the weekend … I was unsure whether it was kosher to ‘knead’ cookie dough like you do bread … mainly cos it seemed a whole lot easier … and fun :)

So, I googled and some know it all on some cookie dough thread, said cookie dough doesn’t need kneading LOL.

So, I made up my own chocolate chippie cookie dough rules.

  1. Thou shalt make excessive amounts of chocolate chippie cookie dough.
  2. Way to much than the recipe states.
  3. Thou shalt add in double the amount of chocolate chippies.
  4. Thou shalt knead that bitch like theres no tomorrow.
  5. Thou shalt lick all excess chocolate chippie dough mixture off’ve thou fingers.
  6. Thou shalt keep 1/3 of the chocolate chippie dough mixture, in the bowl, for eating.
  7. Done.





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