on : my will

Yes, it seems a little morbid, but after recent events and conversations I decided to take matters into my own hands, and plan ahead. Properly.

After a little research I found out the following (for our country anyways) … this is ‘my’ interpreted version:

  • A will doesn’t need to be done with a lawyer, it just needs to be written and witnessed by 2 people who won’t get anything out of it; the will that is.
  • You can’t bury on private land unless you have a shitload of permits.
  • Burying in a cemetery also takes a shitload of permits.
  • Why be buried with a shit tonne of people you don’t know, especially when you hardly liked people when you were alive?
  • The funeral industry is just that; an industry. They’ll make a buck off’ve anything.
  • A service is held for customary reasons. There’s no real necessity in it.
  • You don’t need a casket to be buried in, or cremated in.
  • You don’t need to be embalmed.
  • You don’t need to be cut up unless you died some heinous way and they want to poke around and find the cause of death.
  • If you get buried in non-biodegradable shit (including the box), that shit lingers and leeches into the earth.
  • An urn is a waste of money. A jar will do.
  • The cheapest way to go is cremation; but that still costs a shit tonne of money. I think the Vikings had the right idea.
  • It’s still possible to be buried at sea, but again, you need a shit tonne of permits.
  • Even a natural burial here, has regulations re: planting, depth of burial, buying a plot.
  • It’ll cost you a small fortune to transport the body and hire a mortician peep, but when fams are grieving, that’s the last thing they’re worried about.
  • Apparently you can get some death grant to help with expenses. How nice of them.
  • A cemetery is still Council / Crown owned. And has regulations.
  • Memorials, headstones and plinths also cost an immoral amount of money.
  • When you’re dead, You’re dead.

And after all this enlightenment, I wrote up my own Will.

I’m going to post a copy of it and keep a signed copy of it in my elephant box ;) And the reason for posting it, under the category ‘my will’; so the fams can find it if they can’t find the first one LOL




4 thoughts on “on : my will

  1. I love your will.
    I went to a Jewish funeral and I loved that it was a simple wooden box. I want that. Not some huge expensive ceramic THING to go in the dirt! Like wtf!!!!
    I love the you are with them. This is so true. It is so.
    I want to see the elephant box.
    Elephants are all around my house. Little plaques, statues, pictures. I love them. I love all animals though so my house has no decor just feathers here and there that I have found and photographs framed of my owl and other things that I love in nature.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks! Yes I’d just had a round of deaths and decided to matters re funeral arrangements etc into my own hands. My partner and my kids aren’t great at discussing these things – and I’m a realist. I’d rather prepare them than have them left not knowing what to do. They know Me pretty well though, so when I told them about this, they weren’t at all surprised lol.
      My elephant box has been with Me for years. It’s where I keep all the things I love. It’s a small box … that tells you something doesn’t it lol. And your house sounds a bit like mine. I don’t do ornaments as such (but thats the practical side of Me), but we have a ‘memory wall’. Theres photos of our grandparents; one of the grand babys socks; a poppy from ANZAC day; coins we’ve kept; old letters; feathers I’ve collected off the beach; and sea shells … stuff like that. It makes Me happy :)


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