cellular memory … a thing?

Cellular memory is a controversial concept / theory, whatevs you like to call it. Theres quite a few other theories stating loosely the same thing; that healing negative emotions takes a holistic approach … and a shitload of T I M E.

Basically, cellular memory, is the idea that trauma can embed itself into our cells; our dna; our being. Well that’s what I get from it anyway.

So, if you believe this … which I tend too … then it seems a little weird, that you would only treat these things, separately, not collectively.

As an Indigenous person, I believe that we are holistic beings and that separating our ‘states’ is rather ludicrous. That if something traumatic happens to our physical being, does it not make sense that the trauma would also happen in our mental, emotional and spiritual realms also? That we’d not carry it in our dna; our cells?

Which brings me to my point … the ‘treatment’ of pts(d).

Now, I’ve never been a great advocate for drugs and have had historic issues with drugs and drug addicts. I admit that a lot of the ‘issues’ which have shaped how I see a drug user, are probably unfair. So I did some research and tried to approach it a little more objectively.

Heres a little sumthin sumthin a found re the use of cannabis to treat ptsd.

Turns out, that even though Veterans are reporting the benefits of smoking weed to treat pts(d), they are still denied access to weed. Those who are lucky enough to live in a state where medical marijuana is legal and where pts(d) is an ‘approved condition’, can try it, but apparently only about half the states with medical marijuana programs allow its use for pts(d). And here in the good old NZ, weed isn’t legal At -All.

Am I advocating for the use of weed for pts(d), or any other health condition where it could be useful?

Yes, I think I am.


Because; if the theory that trauma embeds itself into our cells; our dna; is correct (relating to pts(d)anyways) … then don’t yah think we’re gonna need something a little more than an antipsychotic and an anti anxiety med to relieve; or even heal it?

I guess the thing with weed is, (and this not a medical analysis by any means!) it permeates you’re entire being – your mind, your body, your emotions. It has the ability to numb what needs to be numbed (pain related), calm, enhance or diminish and relieve.

Is that not what we who have pts(d) are looking for? And can’t get a prescription for?


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  1. Ms. Mango says:

    While my research (and my own experience) hasn’t lead me to any real understanding or belief in cellular memory (on a biological/ chemical level) I do believe on a certain level our bodies do adapt as a whole to stressors and triggers that can continue to be a permanent problem. This in turn can effect how cell regrowth, organ function, hormone cycles, pretty much you name it function properly. There are even studies done that hypothesis that autoimmune diseases like mine can be triggered by trauma or stress (triggering a dormant gene in the DNA to become active). A lot more doctors out there are acknowledging that trauma has a more permanent effect on peoples physical (and obviously mental) health, but unfortunately there still are quite a few who don’t.

    The use of marijuana to treat pts(d) and other mood/mental disorders in my opinion should not have nearly the amount of stigma it does these days considering the amount of possibly harmful pharmaceuticals being handed out to patients left and right that tend to not do the job they are supposed to. If anything I worry that patients suffering from trauma may end up relying on legal perscription drugs they can get their hands on (habit forming ones) or long term alcohol abuse to numb their pain because their other ‘greener’ option isn’t readily available or legal. I don’t discuss it often on my blog since at the moment its a huge political ‘hupla’ in Canada but I’m a huge supporter of legalizing marijuana ‘for real’. As someone with both mental and physical illness, I can say that it definitely can be a wonderful joint treatment. But even it’s use and safety is compromised when people are using and buying it illegally. I hope in the years to come things change about how medical marijuana is viewed as a treatment option for the many of us that could definitely benefit.

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    1. me says:

      Yeah, I tend to believe (well it makes sense to someone like me) that if our beings are in a state of trauma / illness for a prolonged period, go figure, it would effect all areas of our ‘beings’ / bodies. I tend to agree with the autoimmune thing – having had many an undiagnosed autoimmune buggary going on. It also makes sense to me, that when they only treat the one thing (autoimmune) and not the whole person, they don’t understand that one is related to the other – as in, stress causing headaches / pts(d) causing autoimmune disorders. And go figure they don’t relate to it that way, because, according to their methods, that would require longitudinal study / research, and thats nearly impossible to do, on willing/available participants over a long period of time.
      As for weed … I’ve never been a supporter of weed, but most of my anti-drug stuff has come from my own shit experiences with it and its users … however … thats changing for me, finally ;) I suppose there are always those that will ‘misuse’ anything … including food, including weed etc etc ;) … but its medicinal benefits seem to far outweigh the negatives. And for this country, how can they not legalise weed and have alcohol legalised? Especially when there is evidence to support the misuse and abuse of alcohol. Political fuckery!
      Interesting times alright :)
      Thankyou for your thoughts <3


  2. Rob says:

    Ok, so don’t hate me for this, but that is such a ludicrous theory I might need more medication if I ever come across an article on it. Every cell in the human body dies and regenerates many, many times over a typical lifecycle. How often depends on the type of cell. For example, Red Blood Cells live for about 4 months. Colon cells die every 4 days, etc. So the idea that Trauma would live in our cells is hogwash. Also, NOTHING can be imprinted on our DNA, our DNA is predetermined at birth. It’s our genetic code. It cannot be altered. Nothing against your opinion on this matter whatsoever, you know I love you, but tell whoever is thinking this to shut the fuck up. We have enough misinformation out there about trauma, bipolar, ptsd, etc. Good God. And, you’ll be happy to know, I assist the paralyzed veterans RIGHT HERE IN THIS HOSPITAL to smoke weed in various little vapor kits they keep. It helps them out TREMENDOUSLY! You might want to delete this response lol.

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    1. me says:

      LOL … all opinions are welcome … not taken as gospel though ;) My opinions are just my opinions (disclaimer ;) ), not alt-facts or anything ! And misinformation, I believe, is a little wee bit different than a differing opinion.
      From an Indigenous perspective, ‘cellular memory’ as the white man calls it, would be termed as mauri – The philosophy that every ‘living’ thing has a memory. What I dig about this is that it treats a person holistically – or ‘whol-istically’. What you seem to be referring to is the physical composition of a cell – what I believe the ‘cellular memory’ thing to be is the composition of its entirety – where it originates from … similar to memory. For our culture, we believe the dead still reside with us … go figure … so its not to far fetched to think that what our tipuna (ancestors) knew, is embedded within our dna – character – memory and what we experience in a life time is also carried with us; not just in our ‘mind’ memories.

      It all makes for interesting conversation though …

      And the weed thing is cool! Its not at all legal here … and i think it’d help a shit tonne of peeps … not just pts(d) peeps … I know quite a few people in constant pain who could do with a vapour kit – or 5!!

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      1. Rob says:

        INdeed you are right about opinions not being gospel. And I am with you on the whole mind body spirit connection. I do believe trauma can injure the spirit. But scientifically it’s impossible. Theoretically, magically, religiously, perhaps. But if this information actual got all medical, I don’t think it would be a good thing. I believe that we are all carrying soul-life. When the body dies, that soul-life joins with the larger soul-life. Our human form is a shittier expression of our soul-life. Just my opinion of course.

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        1. me says:

          So it would appear, we have similar beliefs, just different ways of explaining it :)
          And for me, science is a eurocentric explanation. I’m more of a social science technician ;)

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        2. Rob says:

          Yes, precisely

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