mauri of me #7 ~ a rat

This is Wayne. Wayne is a female rat.

She was one of the only little creatures that I actually loved. She used to live in a fish tank next to my bed, and when I’d come home, drunk as, at 4 or 5am, she’d come trotting out to greet Me. She loved beer and chow-mien.

When she was about 2, she got pneumonia. I ended up having to take her to the vets to be put down. On the way in the car she snuggled into my shoulder and stayed there the entire time.

I cried like a baby.

I hadn’t ever been so attached to an animal before. Not even the cat we owned when I was a kid … but this little critter made me smile … everyday.

I never had another pet or got attached to another animal after Wayne. Kind of sad I guess, but I couldn’t deal with the loss.

And it seemed pointless.

What I did learn, was I was ‘capable’ of loving something … but have chosen not too since.

Strangely enough though … this little furry friend, made my hellish life at the time, just that much more pleasurable 🙂

Thanks Wayne 🙂

#5 Wayne :)

#5 Wayne 🙂


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