random a.f …


With No good coffee coursing through my veins yesterday, somewhere along the line, I decided it would be a most bodacious idea to put all the blogs I follow, and that follow Me, into lists so that I actually get to see all / read all of them properly.

Over time I’ve noticed that not all blogs come up in my feed; sometimes I can’t access certain blogs; sometimes I can’t comment on certain blogs …. blah blah blah.

So brilliant idea I thought … do smaller lists of said blogs and then I’ll see them properly …

But …

Theres always a but …

In organisation mode, somehow I ceremoniously managed to unfollow and delete .. them .. All. Yes, All of Them.



I have been attempting to retrieve and re-follow them all … turns out there were more peeps following Me than I realised … Thankyou :)


If I should show up in your little notification thingee as having just followed your blog … this is why :)

Lesson learnt:

Thou shalt not make any major decisions re: organising shit without decent coffee running through thou-est veins!



10 thoughts on “random a.f …

  1. (Two weeks later)…so that’s why that showed up! This is what happens when your blog email folder is overwhelmed and you finally have some “spare time” to catch up.
    Thanks for the follow…again! :)

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  2. I find wordpress scary. Posts from blogs you previously follow shows up in your reader….and when you click on the reader, is shows you haven’t followed them, when you have. It used to be the other way around where I thought I couldn’t see posts from people I did follow.

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