Thinking of you, Johanna Stahl …

That was a title she’d use when she most eloquently would remember and honour the passing of someone. From the least to the great of them … the Vet who had been forgotten by his country – and the Legends who gave us music to cry and reminisce too. She honoured them all.

And today, fresh warm tears that I can’t seem to stop for the fucking life of Me … have plagued my day, as I remember a most bodacious woman who has left a most bodacious mark on Me.

Strangely enough, I never thought I would find it such an emotional thing – to lose a blogging bud. You know – never having met in person and all. But the strange thing with this blogging routine – you find the loveliest of people in the strangest of places.

Johanna has a way with the sarcastic and profound. And I think these are two of the things that I admire the most about her. She shot straight, and I mean straight, from the hip. Not to wound, but to kill.

She’d show up on my sad-ass posts, right at the beginning of my blogging career ;) … and to begin with, I thought she was some kind of freaky stalker who was looking to sell me a set of ginsu knives or religion or something.

But she came to encourage; to challenge; to take the piss out of something; to cheer up; to deliver information.

I came to look forward to and smile at her Gravatar; knowing that there was bound to be something I needed to hear or didn’t want to hear, all wrapped up in one huge fudge brownie, Trump dissecting comment ;)

And I’m going to miss her; terribly and profoundly. And I know I’m not the only one <3 She means a shitload to a shitload of peeps.

I know she’s an atheist and doesn’t believe in the religious concept of heaven; but I hope that wherever she is right now – she’s chilling with Prince and George Michael – oh and Carrie Fisher – smoking some delectable bud and eating some homemade brownies ….

Pain Free At Last <3

This ones for you Johanna Stahl. I hope your still dancing … but not in your chair now!

You Go Girl




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