Im pretty pissed actually …

I’ve had my tears …

done my

semi tribute …

avoided my blog

perused everyone elses …

and in true

Me form …

I’ve done abit of

processing …

I’m pissed.

I’m pissed that

this area of my life has been

affected by

You exiting.

I’m not happy at all.

You see,

you’re supposed to show up

with some quick witted statement

and put


in my place.

You’re supposed to say

all the things

that people

in my physical life

are too scared to say to


You’re it.

You’re the voice of sound fucking reason.

You’re the smartass that combats my smartass.

Now who the fuck is gonna do it


[I don’t get it. As selfish as it all may sound … How do you think that Me is supposed to mozy on around this place, and not be affected by your absence??]


[I get that everyone else misses you too … I completely get it … and its a credit to the human being that you are … that you managed to affect so many peeps … but right now … I’m just thinking about … ME.]


I’m not happy.

Not happy at all.

I’m pissed at you.

It sucks ass.

Sucks ass totally


and I’m pissed.

Pissed as fuck.



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  1. Kara says:

    I haven’t made it to anger yet, although I did threaten to resurrect her and kick her ass. Does that count? ;)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. me says:

      Yes it counts!!! ;) I’m after you then!
      Yep … I seemed to jump to anger pretty fast actually … I think its cos this is my place I come to where its all safe and cozy and kind of predictable and I know the ‘locals’ that are gonna just be themselves and let rip on me where necessary … and she’s gone and messed with the feng shui … bloody hell.
      And … i didn’t realise how much some of you peeps actually mean to me … and that sucks … is cool … but sucks :(
      Love you Miss Kara xo

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      1. Kara says:

        You and a few others feel like family to me. Better than family, actually. I’ve had members of my “real” family dropping like flies for years and most of the time, I’m pretty indifferent about it. Johnna though… it hit me like a giant hammer. It has been almost 30 years since the loss of someone has impacted me to this extent. It’s impossible to not become extremely close to people when we share so much of ourselves, even if we’ve never met them in person.

        And on that note, I love you too. 😘 You’re part of my chosen family and I care about you a ton. I think it’s a wonderful thing, but sometimes I forget that even as a blog presence, none of us have transcended mortality. As sad as I am that she’s gone, I can’t imagine a life without having known her.💗💖💕

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        1. me says:

          Well said!
          And i think you hit the nail on the head there … it is like family … but better! I think in the first couple days I fought with the Why this affected me so much, like you, I’ve had ‘family’ dropping out left right and centre. But for me, this family is a little crew and she was the matriarch :) On here I get to be 100% myself, except for my Name of course (for now anyways) and I share everything … every thought, whinge, joy .. everything. I’ll miss her presence!
          Your right, she’s definitely transcended mortality … I appreciate what she’s helped me become and that I’m a better Me for having known her <3
          You know what though … as part of the 'chosen family', that means I get to borrow your shit on regular basis ay ;)

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        2. Kara says:

          I’ll share TP with you any time! Quilted northern…it’s like a cloud for your butt. :D

          Liked by 1 person

        3. me says:

          Hahahaha …. why thankyou … and we don’t get quilted northern here … sounds pretty posh ;)

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