366 reasons to smile ~ +87.

+87. When this popped up in the old SPAMmage, I was just about to delete, as it appeared slightly offensive.

But by half way through it, I was LOLing pretty hard!! Hahaha. And as an American Man, I don’t think he thought this advert through very well. But I like the fact that he still thinks he may actually have some sort of chance with a ‘non-american woman’ L O L!

If you want to go visit the site, feel free … I haven’t, this was enough ;)


6 thoughts on “366 reasons to smile ~ +87.

  1. This is obviously written by something with the I.Q. of a mosquito. Actually mosquitos are quite clever, they know how to bite! OK, so he’s not even that smart….ah, who cares anyway?

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