googling ones blog …

thou shalt not google ones blog if thoust is hoping for some kind of affirmation:

I found one of my photos on a dodgy porn site!! Featuring selfies of young girls and selfies of ‘mid-aged’ woman, apparently looking for a screw!


The photo is of sea foam … WTF?

Has anyone any idea who or what your supposed to complain too, to have it removed from the site?

And cheek of them … copyrighting their site! Pfft.


20 thoughts on “googling ones blog …

  1. The World is fucked. Proper fucked. Thanks to the media, and the pathetic site of anorexic models wobbling down a runway, who are so thin, they look like coathangers, but have had their tits ‘done’…as well as waxed ‘down there’, because afterall, that’s a bit of pedophilia right there innit?, young girls are now following suit, starving themselves, and in a DESPERATE effort to be FAMOUS, at ANY cost, they’ll post these pics, believing some talent scout will ‘spot’ them, and then they’ll be the ….next….(any name will do, as long as I’m Famous)! Due largely to a really shitty upbringing, not being taught anything about Morals, right and wrong, this is what we can now applaud! As parents are not allowed to discipline their kids, stupidly thinking, that the ONLY way to discipline is to beat the crap out of them (not true), young girls have gone tilt. Old pervey men are LOVING it! Hopefully, one dies of a heart attack while he’s wanking off to these pics of these young kids!

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    • Beautifully put!! I was hoping for the same reaction – heart attack, stroke … anything long slow and painful 😉 I laid a complaint with the host site and with cybertipline … and as expected … its Silent. Sadly not many actually give a shit about kids or porn – especially when they’re in the same sentence!


      • Unbelievable! But oh how the stinking rich get ‘off’ on kiddie porn! You sadly won’t get any response. These fuckers are backed up by the SUPER DUDES. And the silly, uneducated, unruly, innocent….for now….kids…run riot posting pics of their weeny naked bodies….yes, a stroke that leaves one paralyzed down one side, just good enough to make the perv suffer, or a heart attack that kills the pig will do! They piss me off SO! I really hope you take this to the media. They LOVE a juicy story. Give them one! x

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        • Yes, a stroke down the the one side, effecting the walking hand will do nicely !!!
          Yes I detest them also … Still pondering on where to take it next – aside from the copyright issue – this is way more revolting!!


          • LOLOLOL, the ‘walking side’!!! hahaha, love that, and TOTES agree!! may the perv slobber out that side of his disgusting mouth all day too! while he tries to spit out words that no one can understand nor cares about. Fucking perverts. I HATE them. Go FULL power!! I say take it to the media!! They LOVE juicy shit like this. They ‘get off’ on it. Just GO for GOLD!! I’m with you on this…xx

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  2. Whoa! That must be some… sexy sea foam? What is the world coming to… I’ve never googled myself much (under my actual name I’ve gotten a few music festival awards and an article in the local paper when I reviewed a couple movies as a child…boring I know) more-so because I’m scared I can’t unlearn any negative information I might learn. Denial might be better. I hope tracking down the sites contacts works and you can reclaim your rightful photos.

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    • I know right!!! WT actual! It all came as a mistake really … a friend had asked me to google her site to see if it was still there, as she had been locked out of it (wordpress site) and no-one was replying … so I did … and then thought … hell, why not google my site. Yes, kind wish I hadn’t lol. But sea foam??? Really lol. … and thanks … I’m waiting for CouldFlare to reply 😉


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