your house ~ steel pulse

Your House – Steel Pulse, 1982


7 thoughts on “your house ~ steel pulse

    • Awww thankyou … you’ve definitely had a good browse! Not many do really …
      And yes, Steel Pulse are one of my old school faves … still in the playlist ;)

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  1. This makes my heart smile. When I used to teach intl policy at my last university, I had total freedom. So I had a section about music and social policy. One time the Wailers came through town. I gave extra credit to any student who attended the show and wrote about social justice inspired by the music. :)

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      • Unfortunately I had a wicked depression attack and had to withdraw from the university before I finished my research. But I was gathering notes to build a social policy course using music. The premise was that music reflects the issues in a community and often in opposition to the status quo. Reggae, hip-hop, grunge, etc. Maybe in my second life, I’ll find a college/university crazy enough to give me a classroom. Haha.

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        • How I see it (well how I’m learning to see these things now), you did all you were supposed to for that time … anything that happens from now on (your 2nd life), can be done whoever you like! You have a classroom – your readers! :) I’d love to hear what you have to say on all that … cos i think your right!

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