mauri of me #13 ~ art

I like to paint with black, red and white.

Sometimes, deep dark blue.

I prefer my reds to be bright, blood red. Glossy.

Everything else – matte.

I love working with my hands,

and raging against the canvas.

I prefer abstract,

because thats my normal view,

of this strange, distorted world.

I don’t understand pretty painted flowers and

life like birds.

I can take a photograph of that.

But i can appreciate someone elses beauty in it.

I just don’t understand it.

I love the art of:

Colin McCahon,

and Ralph Hotere.

Those I get.

I love large canvas …

as big as the walls, large.

I can make a huge old fucked up mess

on those.

I love words.

My words are blunt.

In my art, that is.

Ok, everywhere.

I don’t like to hide away meaning.

I prefer that my intention slaps you right in the


My art – my painting

lets me release

what i cannot


all the time

oft times




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