moko #3.

My moko #3.

She’s a beauty. She’s 3 and has always been mamas girl.

Which has produced this secure, steadfast, knows exactly what she likes and doesn’t like, kind of little darling.

What is ultra funny though … and I appreciate immensely, is that she seems to be able to intimidate most people. I’ve even seen grown men squirm ;)

As strange as this sounds, it is true.

Little darling won’t talk if she doesn’t want to. Especially if she doesn’t understand what it is your saying … or if what you’re saying is bullshit ;)

As the ‘conversation’ evolves, you can see the adult digging themselves a big ass hole that they pretty much cover over themselves too. All the while, Miss 3 hasn’t said a word but has kept eye contact throughout.

Everything that ends up pouring out of the adults mouth, are all those uncomfortable little social innuendos that people do in social situations, but aren’t really ‘anything’.

With Miss 3, it goes abit like this:

‘Oh, you’re so cute; How old are you; i bet you love kindy; which kindy do you go too; oh thats a pretty dress; did your mama buy that dress; oh i see you have chocolate; aren’t you a lucky girl; oh you don’t say much do you; she’s cute though …..’

The hole has been dug at this point.

None of that ‘conversation’ is for anyones sake other than the adults. They’re not actually asking questions for Miss 3 to answer, they’re just filling up the air with that whiney ‘ohhhhhh, you’re so cute’ voice that people like to make when they talk at children.

The Brilliance of Miss 3 …. ” Homie don’t play that ;) ”

Oh I love her … I feel like we’re kindred spirits LOL.

Well, the other day … Miss 3, chose this little treat for Me.

The partner wanted to get something ‘flashy-er’: but Miss 3 chose this.

And I loved that she chose this one: it’s not adult-y, at all ;)

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4 thoughts on “moko #3.

  1. Haha, she sounds like one confident little woman! I think all 3 of my littles would be absolutely astonished by a skateboarding Humpty Dumpty too!!

    • Oh she is … she’s just beautiful! She’s been super attached to her Mama since she was born, and despite what everyone used to say – (oh she’s to clingy / you need to make her more independent / she’s not very sociable), her Mama just rolled with what Miss 3 needed. And she’s one hell of a confident little lady now. Just goes to show – Mama knows best ;)
      And the easter egg was devine!!

  2. I LOVE MISS 3!! and bollocks to the assholes that talk down to kids as if they’ve got learning disabilities (unless they have)….hehehe, love it when the kid looks at them with that ‘are you fucken stupid or what?’ look. LOVE Miss 3, totes..

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