a good amount of time responding …

My blog(s) have a purpose.

a. they let me respond. or have a voice. a voice that has been sadly lacking and not been heard, for 40 odd years.

*Note: not that I haven’t tried. I’ve spent a lot of time fighting to be heard. But that is also a follow on from being an un-heard child. I get that now. Which is part of the ‘response’ element for me.

b. they let me ooze the anger.

*Note: anger is not a generally ‘loved’ element of humanity. Sure a few tweets here and there is ok for the generalised public; but full on gutt wrenching screaming at the world, blood curdling rage – not so much. And it tends to get you locked up. Oozing anger however, is slightly more therapeutic and can be filed under ‘creative writing’. Note also: most therapists used to tell you to scream into a pillow. But that shit doesn’t work (well not for me anyway).

c. they let me reflect.

*Note: I can look back on where I’ve been and appreciate the ‘journey’ I’ve taken, for what it is; figure out what works; what doesn’t and make peace with the bits that don’t anymore.

d. they let me get creative.

*Note: this is a tentative – watch this space, moment. I feel like I’m coming to the end of certain ‘responses’, because strangely enough, not as much pisses me off … yes, believe it or not. There are certain forms of creativity I am still developing and I think thats because these aren’t ‘responses’ anymore … they are about creating something new.

Now thats New for Me.

So watch this space.

Once the headache subsides and I can get a handle on whats happening to my insides … its creativity on 😉


4 thoughts on “a good amount of time responding …

  1. I totally get “oozing” the anger through blogging. I also agree that some people get a little crazy on Twitter and Facebook too. I’m glad you use your blog in therapeutic ways, but also as a way to stay creative. 👍🏼

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