ever made gelato? … nah, neither !

Oh My Lord … In my mind, I thought it looked pretty straight forward … and it is I guess …

If you have an ice cream maker-thing-a-me …. oh and one of those egg beater-thing-a-me’s LOL.

This is what it ‘should’ look like

I’ll let you know the out-come later, and whether the gelato will end up being ‘custard’ ;)



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  1. Kara says:

    Even if it turns out gritty, it’ll still be delicious and arguably way better than store bought. Be careful you don’t become addicted. 😋

    I had a one quart hand crank ice cream maker once upon a time. That was a dangerous thing to have in my possession. At least I got a little exercise while churning the ice cream? 😏

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    1. me says:

      LOL .. . half an hour of constantly stirring … turns out I’ve still got some mean dance moves hahaha
      And I don’t believe it … you addicted to ice cream?? ;) … and I can actually feel that addiction coming on haha

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