limoncello and salsa verde anyone?

Limoncello and salsa verde, what the frick are either one of those? Well thanks to Aunty Google and Aunty Annabel, I have thus gangstah-rized both of these righteous creations!

All I can say is – The Italians have perfected the Art of eating and drinking to the ninth!



This awesome concoction will be the marinade for the lamb rack … it tastes better than it looks ;)

Salsa Verde

And as for making gelato without a ice-cream-maker-thing-a-me; turns out old Uncle Dave knows a thing or two about doing ice cream old school … and turns out, whilst ‘stirring constantly’ for half an hour, I discovered I still have some pretty awesome dance moves happening … just saying ;)

Gelato in the making ;)

The gelato is still doing its freezing thing … but I shall update with pics of triumph before it gets demolished lol.

All in all, it has been a freaking awesome day … I didn’t think I’d enjoy cooking so much! Turns out, I’ve been cooking the wrong things!

Bellisimo! <3



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  1. Ms. Mango says:

    Ahh, looks awesome! Salsa Verde is one of my favourite things about spring/fall. The taste of fresh. I hope everything was fabulous and glad to see you got the cooking bug ;)

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    1. me says:

      You must have very good taste! I’d never had it! As I was making it I thought .. .this smells revolting (especially the capers!) … but surprisingly, it all worked! And i’m loving the toking bug :)


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