so … major depressive disorder ay

these cunts and their diagnoses’ *insert very large eye ball roll*:

thats the diagnosis the almighty clinical psychologist has tacked onto the awesome pts fucking (d) label because accident compensation fucking corporation require a label aka diagnosis, so they can ‘assist’.

god knows how long i’ve been waiting now, for this awesome ‘assistance’; and aside from the psychologist last year, i am still waiting …. waiting … waiting.but considering, a tidy 7-9% of mdd diagnose-ees end up toping themselves, you think the long wait is a little ironic to say the least!

do i feel like this added title is some kind of ‘sentence’ … nope.

all i can say to the mdd title, and the rest of the twats that diagnose shit, is …

Not fucking kidding!!

try being sexually assaulted, repeatedly … try understanding the ‘whys’ … try making sense of that shit so you can live some kind of life worth living … go on .. try it …

see if you don’t end up a little Majorly Depressive … pfft.

Oh, and apparently ‘they’ can’t know ‘why’ people actually get mdd … oh, and apparently they don’t know ‘how’ to fix mdd … oh, and apparently they don’t really know shit about shit! awesome …


but on the upside … i figure my handle can be updated. Introducing:

Me MD(d), P(ts)D


and thats how i deal with that shit … Majorly Depressive-ly, take the piss!

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4 thoughts on “so … major depressive disorder ay

  1. Man they could have laid that on a little gentler eh? But do they… NO! I’m not surprised that you’re not shocked or anything, if anything its usually just the anger at the douches that have psych licence that also claim to know nothing at the same time at everything that get us upset, not the actual diagnosis themselves. Whether it’s left for you to continue to figure out down your own path or to seek help down other avenues (clearly not from those losers…) I hope you are able to continue to grow and learn and overcome. xoxo

    • Well you definitely get it don’t you LOL ;) Their painfully slow attempts at ‘assistance’, is kind of beyond a joke! Somewhere in there I think I mention the 7-9% stats where most MDDs top themselves! Wondering if this is some kind of culling process on their clinicians part so their workload isn’t to high ;)
      But yes, once I’ve processed bit more, I’ll continue doing what I’m doing I think … seems to be working for me … and once I actually find out what their assistance entails, I might tack a few of those on too ;)
      Thankyou for your support friend xo

    • LOL … Why thankyou .. thank you … at least I’m in good company then! …
      and No on the kool-aid? It looked pretty good ;)

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