did i mention my father went back to where he came from?

It was kind of inevitable, and whether he comes back or not, is to be seen.

So he spent just over a month in the country and I didn’t see him once. This is also not an unusual thing.

The positives? … Well, I’m still figuring that one out.

I certainly got to ‘know’ him a bit more, strangely enough. Not through face to face methods, but through the screen; again. He pretty much, could of stayed in Australia for that.

Apparently he’s used to getting his way.

How have I come to know this?

He hints. Makes little (and large) suggestions.

Unfortunately, I don’t do hints. Or suggestions. I do up front, straight up questions and answers. So do my kids.

Just before he left the country – again – he rang me to say he was ready to be picked up. Like – Now. 6pm one evening … even though I don’t drive; I’ve told him repeatedly that we need at least 24 hours notice (because I don’t drive and the partner has a bad back … ); and just because it’s freaking courteous to give someone (like me especially) a fucking heads up.

Well the answer to his demand, was a resounding … No. But we can come on Monday. So the following day, after he’d been denied, he rang to say he was going home.

Surprise surprise. And See Yah.

No, that shit don’t work on Me mate.

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14 thoughts on “did i mention my father went back to where he came from?

      • What are your thoughts on this idea that we are supposed to have our parents in our life and if not than in someway it means we are bitter or harbor some deep seeded resentment

        Do you ever struggle with such personally seems people think it’s some sort of golden rule or something “they the only parents you got” ummmm yeah I know…

        • It’s an interesting concept; usually forged by parents ;)
          I’ve definitely had my resentments toward my father, and my mother at various times throughout my life. Because they did some reasonably out there shit throughout my lifetime lol … and those specific things I’ve had to try and work through and let go … not for them, but for me. And remember that they are still imperfect humans, not just my parents :)
          But I also believe that parents are given children as a gift … as such, we are supposed to try and raise independent, free thinking, self sufficient adults. We (as parents) aren’t supposed to hang on to them to fulfil our own needs and wants or our own lack of something. And as far as I can see, parents who don’t let their children go and cling on to them as they become adults, handicap them … and that makes for a resentful adult. It seems to take the adult (child) quite awhile to find their feet … which IMO they should be doing as they’re growing up.
          Thats just my thoughts though :)

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