Mid-life crisis or Man PMS?

I think the partner is having pre-menstrual cramps at the moment … and whoever said men don’t have a menstruation cycle have never lived with a man for longer than a few months … they do … and its way worse than ours … JS.

Either that or he’s having one of those mid-life crises.

Every pay day is pretty much the same. Shopping, bills … hissy fit cos theres not enough money and another matching hissy fit cos no-ones appreciating what it is to do the ‘right thing’.

Does it help that I usually chip in at this point with:

“At least you have a payday … 

“Would you like an award or some kind of mar degrade to celebrate the things women have been doing without a penny or so much as a fucking thank you card … for eons?

“You could always Not pay the power, rent, food …

“Maybe you should get another one of those bank loans you’re so fond of and go and buy some more crap you don’t use and pay back that bank loan over 3 years, with interest, just so you can have a little extra now and be paying back extra weekly for 3 years; thusly depleting your weekly income … 

Hmmm. They never seem to go down very well.

But I am over it. And have been for awhile. And since I’m trying to manage myself and my shit, I do not have much time for self righteous grizzling.

You see. A. I don’t have an income. B. I don’t have any bills either, thanks to the job loss and bankruptcy. C. Oh, thanks to pts fucking (d). D. I paid everything, and I mean everything, for fucking years. E. I paid for everything for fucking years and paid for my daughter. F. That was my fucking job. G. There are no thank yous for that shit. It’s called being a fucking human, doing human fucking responsible shit.

So, yeah. Not much time or patience for the other shit.

Interestingly enough … we had a little convo last night about the ‘it’ll happen when it happens’ marriage – nearly 4 years in the making or waiting. He has a tendency to espouse that I am trying to tie him down … or what ever that concept is when you’re in your 40s.

It’s then, that I reminded him:

A. You proposed to Me, not the other way round.

B. Actually, I couldn’t give a shit … Marriage is something You said You believe in. I don’t. But I agreed to it because I love you.

Apparently these are unwelcome truths also.

Do I care about getting married? Nope.

What is it I care about then?

Not being fucking lured into a false sense of security. Not being fucking lied too. Not being held hostage to something I never promised.

So … I wonder if We are drawing to a close.

It’s possible.

It might be a sad thing. It might be a necessary thing.

Not sure really.

Watch this space.


8 thoughts on “Mid-life crisis or Man PMS?

  1. Ffs. I typed an entire reply, only to have this ballsass iPad lose it.

    What I was saying is that so many men whine about working it’s vomit sick. What about the caveman? Did they whine about having to hunt with their measly arrows? Then physically tackle the beast to kill it, so as to feed their families who relied on them? Wtf happened to MEN? Not only did caveman have to hunt on foot, sometimes for days, but then had to chop the bones, smoke the hide, as they needed warmth. No heating in caves! But then, had to carry the huge fucken beast back to the cave, for God knows how far?

    Today’s so called ‘men’ can be so pathetic, you can’t call them men anymore. Constant whining about working in cushy jobs! Forget marriage, it’s a waste of time and money. You are stronger than you know.

    Screw the soft babies. Let them whine. Ignore, don’t give a fuck.

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  2. Manbabies. Men and women living together long-term is a joke. By doing so we’re defying nature, but I guess we are humans and not animals so that argument may be invalid. You know how frustrated I get with MC. I think it’s what happens when their giant egos take over. “I’m too good for this shit, the world owes me, I’m entitled, blah blah blah…”

    Buy him a box of manpons and tell him to cry it out over a pint of ice cream. ;)

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    • I think that is dam valid point … I’ve said to my mother (when I’m having a vent ;) ) ‘this isn’t normal … no other species cohabitates together’; she just laughs though.
      And No I didn’t know you got frustrated with MC LOL … and giant egos you reckon? What I don’t understand is the HOW … how do they feel they are owed or entitled? Were they spoilt children? Is it the hunter gatherer syndrome gone haywire? Fuck knows! I’m clever; but this stumps me every time!!
      Manpons ay … I might google those now LOL … and do you think I should suggest that after or before I tell him to grow the fuck up ;)

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  3. a)completely agree that men pms worse than us. b) fuck marriage lol c) i love list d) you’re awesome. e) men can be serious pains in the ass


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