13 reasons why

So, I might be behind the times … dunno really …

But I did a binge watch of ’13 Reasons Why’ over the past couplely days. I guess it’s not for the faint hearted … but …


Now wheres that conversation at??

I’m guessing it’ll rattle a few cages … but the gutts I got out of it was this:

  • Be Your Truth, and respect the fact that it won’t look or sound like someone elses truth.
  • Don’t take whats Not Yours or you feel Entitled too. Period.
  • No matter the shit that hits You … Never stop fighting.
  • But if you should stop fighting … Make Your Final Punch, a fucking memorable one!
  • And bottom line … Stop being cunts to one another.

It’s not nice to be a cunt.  And unless you’re Trump, there’s no amount of money being paid out for being a cunt, that makes being a cunt, worth it!

Or worth someones life.

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8 thoughts on “13 reasons why

  1. The show glorifies suicide! I felt like that right from the start. It was very little about bullying and the consequences of it. It was more stupid decisions by a misguided teen and how she ends up thinking she was right until the very end leading up to her suicide, which also they justify. It was more of a joke than it was moving. They could have done a lot of things differently. Instead they just showed kids everywhere that suicide has a lot of power and that is VERY wrong. Just being honest. :)

    • Interesting perspective … each to their own I guess. I didn’t find it ‘moving’ at all, but it definitely didn’t seem like a joke to me either. Having had more than one member of my family top themselves, my view mainly comes from seeing the need to teach our kids not to be assholes to each other .. and to discuss suicide openly, because after the fact, it’s to late. If anything, the show is certainly doing that ;)
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting … conversation is always appreciated!

  2. i really enjoyed that show! definitely makes you think and start a conversation. there were a lot of cunts in the show.

    • Yeah i enjoyed it too … I was surprised people don’t have this conversation more; and we have some horrendous suicide stats over here …

    • Really?? Wow!
      I thought it was brilliant! I can see that it’d ruffle some feathers … but I think it should be a catalyst for conversation … and for me, it’s not too far off what/how I taught my girls … to be open and brutally honest; with themselves, and others.

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