it ran out … period

Have you ever been in a vehicle that has run out of petrol?

I have.

You can feel it losing it’s power …

Slowly, but surely.

And as you look at the petrol gauge,

and you know the inevitable is about to happen,

a few things run through your head.

‘Pretty sure I just gassed up

‘Oh shit


‘What am I gonna do now … ‘

And then the inevitable happens.

Your vehicle stops.

It doesn’t politely pull over first.

Or indicate that it wants to pull over.


It just … stops.

And what you do next,

is pivotal.

You can sit there for a while.

Pondering on the what ifs and whys.

Ruminate on the ‘if onlys’.

Doesn’t make the vehicle start-up now does it.

You can get out of the vehicle and ponder on the same.

Nope. No starting up there either.

You can even kick the vehicle,

smash a couple of windows, even the engine

if you wish.

It still won’t start.

How do you make it start again?

Thats right.

Get more gas.


So why is it,

when We run out of gas … out of steam … out of energy

We are expected to just start-up again?


Shit really don’t work that way!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Ooooh I love the ending very good stuff, and yep I agree just don’t work that way

    Liked by 1 person

    1. me says:

      Thank you!! … Nope it doesn’t does it ;)


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