So after a bitch of a day yesterday, and realising that I need to flip that script and get a handle on my shizz – aka re-define my world, as only I can ;) … it only seemed fitting to do a bit of a cull.

Facebook is done. I am now following a grand total of 10 lol.

Twitter was next. 150 out and 150ish left … beautiful Art and amazing wordsmiths now fill that feed.

Instagram was simple. And hats off to the millennial’s … that shits pretty dam good.

Pinterest will have to wait, cos that is super overloaded.

And now onto this forum.

Now, please don’t take offence … but if you’re a business or selling some shit that I don’t need … or if you’re just way sadder and a little more fucked up than Me right now … or, unfortunately, I can’t handle the be-dazzlement of your ‘theme’ – then this is where we will part company.

I dig that you’re doing You … but I can’t at the moment.

Keep being Fabulous and I’ll catch yah on the flip side :)

Peace Out.


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