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Random Writings on the Bathroom Wall

IMG_0094-XLYou go to Paris and you want to go to the Louvre.  Why?  Because that’s what tourists do in Paris and besides you can spend a couple days just in the Louvre alone just to see everything.  But people go to the Louvre to see Mona.  Why not?  I did.  And you then have the pleasure and experience of being behind all of the other tourists who want to see her as well.  And there’s push and shoving and elbowing and smelly people and it’s just a mess.  And you finally make your way to the front and you’re disappointed because she’s behind glass and there’s few options for not having light reflection glare on the glass in your pic.  I know.  I have it in mine.  You end up disappointed.  You got to see her and she was amazing and all that; but you’re disappointed because of the quality…

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