so yeah … I left YouTube going …

While I was doing my ‘distraction’ cleaning …  *Done, so I don’t overly stress on the possibilities that tomorrows shizz may bring – Yes; I decided to go to my psychologist appointment – and Yes; I have informed the partner that if the airport twat talks to much I will be *shushing* her ;)  …. I let YouTube play through, and somehow ended up at Christmas songs … I know right!

But as the songs below were playing through, I had a couple dozen thoughts – As I Do.

  1. I wonder if they asked any Africans to input into these?
  2. There were a couple (literally) black faces in the 1984 ensemble. Why? I know there were plenty beautiful black singers around in 1984.
  3. I’m not sure whether Africa (the starving part anyway) really gave a fuck about Christmas time.
  4. Was this part of the point of these songs? The irony? Singing to the rich white folks so they’d feel sympathetic and open up their Christmas wallets?
  5. USA for Africa certainly had few more black / brown faces in their ensemble.
  6. Were they aware when they made the 1984 version, that Africa was stripped of their resources by greedy white colonial fuckers?
  7. Were they aware of that when they made the 2014 version?
  8. Maybe they should’ve have written that colonial history into a verse or 2.
  9. Maybe they did and it got taken out? ? ?

Band Aid~ Do They Know It’s Christmas, 1984

Band Aid ~ Do They Know It’s Christmas, 2014

Yeah, so that was my day of pondering …


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  1. Deborah@TradeRoutz says:

    Reblogged this on TradeRoutz livingStyle.

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    1. me says:

      Thanks for the re blog :)


  2. Deborah@TradeRoutz says:

    Hehe, well the fact that you’re not an African and I am, and yet you know the bullshit that gets spewed out by so called “celebs” ‘saving the dying African child ‘ (pukes) speaks volumes about who you are. ❤️❤️

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    1. me says:

      <3 Thank you … that is a huge compliment :)


      1. Deborah@TradeRoutz says:

        It’s TRUE! and you’re welcome x x x

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  3. Deborah@TradeRoutz says:

    Fuck them big time! Useless assholes! They only wrote that fucken song to make money. Rich white folk couldn’t give a shit about starving Africa, and quite rightly said, Starving children hardly give a flying fuck about a white fat man in a red suit, who makes stupid noises coz he’s actually homeless, and he’s got a job to lie to children about who he is. I detest that song, coming from Africa myself, knowing the TRUTH about what they care about and need. Again, fucken assholes. Ok time for me to piggyback on your blog! Lol 😘❤️🙏🤣

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    1. me says:

      ;) Well, thank you for answering my questions! And nice to here an opinion out of Africa! … I thought as much ;)

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