Me’s movie time

Some people do comfort food … I do comfort movies. And I have a whole list of ‘go-tos’ depending on what I need ‘comfort’ for.

Today is a ‘The Last Witch Hunter’ day, which will be followed closely by ‘Guardians of The Galaxy’. Different ends of the spectrum? Yes; thats Me :)

Btw … the Renovation twats are at it again … just because it’s the weekend and thats what productive members of society do on their weekends … Renovate grrr. This time he is ‘grinding’ (with a grinder fyi) off the eaves of the Garage.


Because he’s to fricken lazy to conventionally remove it.

Any other time, I would’ve thought this was a genius idea … but the noise is messing with my feng shui … bastard.

Anywho … ‘The Last Witch Hunter’ … I wanna know why, in the opening scene, when they go into the tree cave to find the ‘witch’ … when the dude grabs his hammery thing out of the skeleton thingy (oh I’m so good at describing shit lol) … all those muscle bound witch hunter dudes, in unison, say … “Oh … Magic”.

I’m wondering … what was it they were expecting??


6 thoughts on “Me’s movie time

  1. LOL….I’ve got an asshole neighbour, that decideds, EVERY fucken SUNDAY, to mow his shitty lawn. If he’s not making a noise with the mower, then he’s also using a chainsaw to ‘trim’ his hedges! and he starts at like 8 0Clock in the MORNING! useless asshole. I’m going to go over there and chuck water on him. When he doesn’t like it, I think I’ll just say ‘the next thing I chuck at you will be far worse than this’…plus of course, must advise him that he’s causing the voices in my head to start arguing. :)

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    • LOL .. .threaten him with those ;)

      I get the whole lawn mowing thing … better really … every weekend??
      Where I live its a semi retirement town and a tourist town .. .so all the peeps that own holiday homes come on the weekends and trim trees, mow lawns … renovate ! , then piss off back to where they come from … so annoying lol


  2. Oooooo, I want to see Guardians of the Galaxy 2 so bad. It’s actually playing at the cheap theater nearby but that requires me to sit still for a whole two hours. Can’t hit pause on the projector. Poop.

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    • We watched it the other day! It’s on FMovies, its not a very good copy though. And its awesome … but I won’t give it away ;)
      And No, not even I, could sit in a theatre for that long anymore, without having to leave regularly!

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