Ok … in mass reply to all current spam …

a. if I wanted to provide contact details on every post, I would have. but i don’t want y’all filling up the in-box either.

b. if i wanted to post more ‘visuals’ throughout my posts, like this one:

i would have. but i don’t, unless i want too.

c. i don’t permit you to comment. you do: i delete.

d. just because i post a religious post (which is usually a piss-take if you cared to read it properly) does not mean i am interested in your religious, homophobic and archaic views. (maybe i should put that in the disclaimer …. )

e. saying my article is what you have been looking for, for like forever, and you’re so grateful that i have addressed it … on the disclaimer post, or the ‘Nights in White Satin’ post … leaves me wondering where in the world you are actually from.

f. rss feed: can you find it or not … i also, do not, care.

Have a great day 🙂



4 thoughts on “Ok … in mass reply to all current spam …

    • LOL … funny, cos I don’t get spam all the time, and then it all seems to come on the same day! Some of its funny … and then, well its just rude and ignorant!

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