fuck the water blaster

Renovation twat is at it again. Arggh. This time he’s waster blasting …

  • just so you know
  • its the noise
  • the constant noise that doesn’t fucken let up
  • it’s loud
  • it’s uncomfortable
  • why?
  • because it grates my nerves
  • because i can’t hear whats happening
  • for those with ‘spacial’, peripheral and hardwired reactory issues
  • like pts(d)
  • hearing is everything
  • and when you can’t hear shit over a fucken water blaster
  • it messes with the feng shui
  • thinking about cutting his power outlet
  • or maybe a slug gun pellet to the water blaster itself
  • unfortunately, he’d still come back … tomorrow
  • so
  • instead
  • head phones and music that’ll stifle that noise out
  • lock my doors
  • cleaning?
  • nah, bit of extra blogging i feel

Fuck water blasters and water blasting cunts …

kpm ©


6 thoughts on “fuck the water blaster

  1. hahahaha!! OMG, seriously, I SO get you on this. I’ve had the fucker next to me MOW his goddamm lawn every single day!!! If he’s not mowing, he’s chainsawing the fucken hedges!! God, the noise it too much!! Perhaps you need to sneakily cut a small hole in water blasters pipe. When he finds it, and then huffs to get a new one, do it again, and keep doing it. (when hes not looking). MAYBE the fuckwit will stop, or give up. IF all else fails, the number ONE CLASSIC, that works everytime, is you running out the door, looking like crap, go up to him and yell LOUDLY, ‘I’M MENTALLY ILL!! THIS CONSTANT NOISE IS CAUSING ME TO WANT TO COMMIT SUICIDE!’ IF I DIE, I WILL WRITE A LETTER BLAMING IT ON YOU!! (and follow that with,I don’t give a fuck what you have to do, finish it, or I’ll call the mental health team, OR slit my wrists. You cannot mess with the mentally ill. He’ll shit himself and it’ll stop. You’ll see. Take your POWER back chica!

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