pretty fucken sure i’m pre menopausal

So what does a well scholared individual do?

That’s right,

she consults with Aunty Google

who turns up 34 pre menopausal symptoms

so I can identify


Turns out,

I’ve had all, bar 2, of these ‘symptoms’

all of my fucken life.

So just got 27 & 34

to look forward too.


Fuck you Aunty Google.



2 thoughts on “pretty fucken sure i’m pre menopausal

  1. Has aunty Google told you about wild yam cream? It’s a natural source of progesterone that my Mom used while her ovaries were doing her the kindness of going into retirement. She swears by it. Her doctor told her it was snake oil but he wouldn’t really know since he spent so much time with his head in his colon. It might be worth looking into. Evening primrose oil is another that’s supposed to be good for PMS and perimenopause. Ugh, hormones.

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    • No she did not! I shall have a look into that though … thank you.
      Yeah I’m not sure if thats what it is or not, considering my hormones have been doing weird shit forever; and all my doc ever says is that my bloods are normal pfft whats normal ay. I had heard evening primrose was a good’in too so might google that too. I would actually welcome menopause I reckon … it’d put a stop to the monthly bullshit anyway!

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