activism ~ apparently pedosexuality is a thing

According to ‘some’, pedo-sexuality is defined as:

Adjective(not comparable)

  1. (uncommon, of an act or behavi) Being or constituting pedosexuality, sexual activity between an adult and a child.

Noun(plural pedosexuals)

  1. (uncommon) An adult who is sexually active with children.

This has given the ‘some’ a kind of licence to make this practice sound normal.

I shit you not. These cunts are now pedalling their sexuality as being ‘normal’ and in some cases, healthy.

Recently I found a Facebook site that was trying to espouse this type of bullshit. To make it worse, they were ‘practicing’ under a rainbow banner, trying to align themselves with the LQBTQIA communities.

There was only 1 person amongst the shittone of followers, which in itself is revolting, who also espoused this theory of pedosexuality to be deemed as normal behaviour. The rest, from all walks of life, from all communities, were reporting the Page, after venting their disgust and revolution.

I, of course, had my say. What disturbed Me, apart from the obvious, was that they were not advocating consent, at, all. They were only advocating for the right to be accepted as pedo-sexualists; being attracted too and therefore having the right too, engage in sexual behaviour with children.

They never replied to my questions and after a lengthy complaint to Facebook, the Page was finally removed.

What continues to disturb Me; is there are those in this world, that believe it is their god given right to take the innocence from children.

Well … Not on my watch Fuckers!

#equalityforall my ass!


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