not sorry

yes that’s right,

I am NOT a christian

per se;

Per anything, actually.

I do not believe in the religion

that manipulated our people

into accepting another.

that stood by and nodded

in approval, as its sanctions

saw our culture

decimated and stripped from us.

I do not adhere to a governance

that sates women should be silent



I do not rally in unity

alongside a group

that will not let another

have an opinion or freewill.

That believes they are superior enough to

burden a people because of

their ancestry.


I do believe there was a Jesus.

I do believe there is something larger than


I believe that to be Io.

In Te Kore, the realm of potential being.

Here, I believe everyone

is entitled to be, them.


I am NOT a Christian.

And I am well over

apologising for that!


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