not this time

im not listening

im not listening

im not listening

I could hold my hands

over my ears

close my eyes

and disappear

but not this time

words, yours, theirs

used to hurt me

into a tiny ball

id go

as my insides

caved on in

and the light


into the ball

id go

as tears dribbled

and snot escaped

shaking took hold

why me, why, why me

but not this time

this time is different

red on red

I see

stronger, fiercer

I be

you may say what you think

do what you like

it make no


to me

you see

I been bit

and hit

and chewed

and spat

been rolled

and stuck

and flicked

and licked

been scraped

and stabbed

and scratched

and had

been roped

and poked

and peeled

and flayed

and your push

is pansy

ive had worse

your roar

is pussy

ive heard louder

your strike

is flimsy

ive farted harder

and im still here motherfucker

im still here


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