a few thoughts on colonisation …

It’s a torrid tale … that of colonisation. And it manages to get everyones heckles right up there. What our predecessors slash ancestors, did to Indigenous peoples and their lands, was shit. Yes, thats right, even I have white ancestry … the blood line of the coloniser. Theres no denying that most of Us do. But what was done after the act of physically stealing land, was to colonise the people, if annihilation was not in the colonisers best interests; or, in Our case, they couldn’t kill us all ;)

After they have established their dominance (by any means necessary, and it’s usually through a lie), they proceed to strip the language and the culture from the Indigenous. Under the guise of ‘civilising’ the natives, they take their children from them. This move, alienates children from families and families from children, and effectively strips both culture and language effectively.

You see, the Crown’s tactics haven’t changed at all. They’ve just been adjusted. Today the government takes children from their homes and puts them into Care, because the parents are apparently ‘not fit’ to take care of them. However, if family was at the heart of this matter, don’t you think strengthening it, instead of dividing it, would be a better mode of healing?

But healing isn’t their outcome here. Division and separation is. The old, divide and conquer technique. Which is Why … at its roots, there can never be justice of any kind, on stolen land. Never.

So what do We do?

Dismantle the strategies and policies and practices that were put into place years ago, which see our people effectively disemboweled and desolate. Whilst these are being dismantled, we re-engage with our ancestors to re discover, who we really were. Not what the history books tell Us … because history was written by a bunch of mongrels. No, we learn the history and stories of Our people … their strength and their victories. Their survival and their love.

Repeat slowly.

Let it settle.






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