activism ~ #lestweforget


Lest we fucking forget!


That this someone, is someones child.

That what you may think is a wistful part of history,

is genocide.

Mothers, daughters, fathers and sons



they were chattels.

Have we learnt anything?

Other than what one can do to another

to concede



power and control;

by inflicting cruelty and hatred

of the most reprehensible kind?


And by asserting dominance

by belittling the power and dignity in another,

the subserviant

will comply.











Lest we fucking forget!


2 thoughts on “activism ~ #lestweforget

  1. Jesus! I cannot ‘like’ this. There should be a fucken VOMIT and HATE and ANGRY button here! It’s so sickening, and so unbelievably cruel and evil, it’s impossible to compute. I watched that movie ’12 years a slave’ and wished to GOD I hadn’t. I was literally throwing up after it, and had nightmares for weeks. I HATE people!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Your comment is more than enough. This sort of stuff isn’t really intended for people like you … you already understand <3 And yes, that movie wasn't my finest week either lol.


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