can’t help falling in love ~ ub40

Can’t Help Falling In Love ~ UB40, 1993


6 thoughts on “can’t help falling in love ~ ub40

  1. Some things are s bit exaggerated I mean we aren’t riding alagators, but people still ride horses for the hell of it, theres this place believe it or not a few town over where everyone there is related, I hate them too but sometimes they can be a little funny, you gotta laugh at yourself sometimes…

    A certain someone told me my blog wasn’t shit and I needed writing lessons, I was like ok cool but why you reading my shit still and how come all your comments before you kissing all kinds of ass…

    Sorry for the profanity the things some people do behind the scenes I tell ya makes my blood boil lol…

    Oh I almost forgot they come from BVI aka British Virgin Islands, so yeah I’m all sorts of mixed up lol

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    • Now i’d like to see the alligator riding hahaha … but the horse riding for the hell of it sounds gangstah !! 🙂 … oh and every country has its in-breeds 😉

      Sounds like the certain someone needs to write their own blog lol … some people ay!

      Never apologise for profanity … its my second language 🙂

      And BVI – obviously means its a colonised island? Had a quick google – in between the northern and southern americas … looks like a beautiful place to have spent time 🙂

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    • Island background?? Do tell??! 🙂
      And yes, I hear yah … It holds fond memories for me … UB40 I enjoy sometimes … but the lot i’ve posted recently are connected to a time that was hard, but the music was good 😉

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      • Ahhh yes although I may live in Louisiana in the US which is painfully accurate to pretty much all the stereotypes you see on TV lol, during my up bring I was surrounded by the culture of the islands thru my father’s side of the family…

        Chewsticks, all the natural products, and my love for all things Reggae come from that, I suppose that’s where I discovered my appreciation for various cultures began, I guess being exposed to it do early can do that too ya…

        And yes the music more than anything is always good no matter how screwed up and this stuff gets…


        • Ahhh I see! How cool ! What group of islands are those?

          And is it really? Louisiana? Thats sad its stereotypical … I always hoped it was just a crap portrayal on TV.

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