whats real?

“Oh, Your Not A Real [ insert ] Though”

A real what?





Define REAL for me please?

Oh, thats YOUR definition

isn’t it.

ME … I

Don’t need to define shit to or for you.

I am what I am.

And it is a sad sad day

That sees the brothers and sisters

From other Indigenous Mothers

Dare to question authenticity,

of any Indigenous / Coloured peep.

Don’t we have enough of that

from White Privileged People


I am what I am.

I am a Woman.

I am Tangata Whenua – Maori.

I am Pakeha.

I am a Grandmother.

I am angry about the injustices our people

MY people, YOUR People

Suffered historically,

and the bullshit they still endure.

Don’t ask me to justify who I am

or what I do.

You just do you.

And stay out of my way.



4 thoughts on “whats real?

  1. So true it’s all a tool used for separation amongst ourselves, we can never have a true level of acceptance until we get passed that part I suppose…

    What confuses me a lot of the time comes this idea that love of self means you hate others, how foolish is that, do the Irish not embrace themselves, same with the Asian community, why is it a problem when people of your culture ask for the same…

    Strange world we live in my friend…

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    • Very astute observation there! I’m uncertain why the deal is there … and even as i speak, my own family judge me for who i am … which is btw ‘the daughter of the white woman’, as though put it. They still insist I am not ‘Maori’ enough. I hope one day they’ll get who i am :)

      Very strange world.

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  2. Are there separation in your culture amongst your own kind in your culture? Saw skin complection on my side the lighter the skin they say the easier and better quality of life a person can have…

    Realism supposedly comes into play because a person of lighter skin in no way understands the life of someone of a darker tone, even if we are all the same culture at the end of the day…

    Great post really got me thinking how truly flawed some people’s thinking is

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    • It’s interesting … because so many of us are lighter skinned now, there is a push for other ‘cultural’ ‘qualities’ to determine whether your ‘maori’ enough. Which is just another tool to keep us separated and underfoot. It is particularly soul crushing when that discrimination comes form your though.
      But yes, we believed for a long time that if we were lighter skinned then we would be more like our whiter counterparts and therefore be more readily accepted. Unfortunately that isn’t true.
      And our beautiful bronze skin has never really been celebrated … which I think is sad.

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