sometimes I wonder if they swapped the word ‘savages’, for terrorists

And I really do wonder, who the savages were.

There is a 520 year history in America of white people and white cops or authorities terrorizing brown people with murders and terrorist acts and in the most unthinkable and gruesome ways. Since 1492 these acts were intended to terrorize brown people and produce specific fear-based behavior. The definition of terrorism is to perform some act of violence that induces fear based behavior in a target audience. “

That in the defending of themselves.

In the defending of their families.

In the defending of their land …

They were labelled to keep the narrative

in a diminished state.

And in that diminished state,

they would forget what and who they were.

Forget that they were strong,

and empowered.

Forget that who they are

is not based on imported ideologies.

Or imported religious beliefs

of superiority


and entitlement.

Who they are, has nothing to do

with statistics,

or special treatment.

That the only benefit of keeping

the narrative going,

has to do with politics …

and power.


2 thoughts on “sometimes I wonder if they swapped the word ‘savages’, for terrorists

  1. It’s SO difficult to ‘like’ these posts. They are traumatising, real and horrific. I think I’ll do one on what they did to the native Indian Americans. Over 100 million were slaughterd, lied to, ad vomit. Yes, I’m going to post what those fuckers did to them. Keep doing what you’re doing x

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