mauri of me #27 ~ puré 

Puré  is about cleansing. Different iwi do their rituals or have their processes, specific to them.

And so do I, of course 😉

We live right next to the beach, and, as I have written about in the past, this move was for a whole heap of reasons; but the one thing I knew in my bones, was that I needed the ocean. I needed to hear it, smell it and feel it. I knew somehow, that it would make Me feel better 🙂

On both sides of my lineage, we are water people … meaning that my tipuna were situated by vast expanses of water. On my mothers side, it’s a river, and my fathers side, the ocean. It kind of ‘go figures’ then, that my ‘being’ needed the water.

It took well over a year to be comfortable enough to get my ass down to the beach regularly, and up until that time, I’d sit outside and listen to the waves roaring. When I did get down there, I’d dip a toe in and then wash my face and shoulders whilst saying a inoi.

Now, I still say my prayer, but i dip more than the toe in the water.

Usually on a freezing cold, preferably rainy day, I go down to tangaroa and dive right in. If I need to scream, he listens – and screams back 😉

And you know, theres nothing like a mouthful of salt water to smack the reality back into you 😉

I am forever grateful for being where I am at the moment. I am grateful for the healing that is the ocean – Tangaroa. I am grateful to be able to live by the ocean. I am grateful for my tipuna and the knowledge they imparted.


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