‘Liberation, or liberalism? Women, it’s time to choose!’

An extremely interesting article by Renee.

I am left wondering ‘what the hell?’ … as a feminist movement, when did we become so compliant and PC, that we stopped asking questions? That we thought it ‘hate speech’ when an ideology is questioned?
I’ve re-read Renees writings, just to ascertain where the angst is centred. How is it that the transgender community has taken offence to the ‘how too’ of the transitioning of young people … I am still looking and trying to understand and am wondering, what have I missed?

But I have drawn upon the conclusion, after reading another article from a Womens Collective I follow on twitter, that feminism has become diluted in its bid to be accepted mainstream. As an advocate for other causes, I can understand why this is happening, but tend to not support the direction this takes.

Feminism as an ‘entity’ or movement, was in response to misogny and a way of empowerment: this is my belief. Any and all forms that advocate for this cause, I believe, are a good thing. However, after reading the twitter article, where this womens collective has renamed their ‘acts’ of ‘feminism’ so men won’t get butthurt, seems like the equivalent to #Alllivesmatter in response to #Blacklivesmatter. It misses the point.

My stance as an activist; as a feminist; as a mother; as a grandmother … is to advocate for the rights and equality of my daughters and grand-daughters in the first instance; to advocate for any and everything they may wish to be, want to be or biologically believe they are. It is also my stance to ensure that my grandsons and nephews understand the inherent spirituality and sacredness of being a woman; that they are secure enough in themselves to hold their own positions; that they are able to support their female siblings and relatives in all their endeavours, and vice versa.

Source: Liberation, or liberalism? Women, it’s time to choose!

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4 thoughts on “‘Liberation, or liberalism? Women, it’s time to choose!’

  1. That’s a tall order that the majority fall way short of ‘ anything and everything they may wish to be ‘. Who is going to load the supermarket shelves or drive the lorries or sweep the streets, serve behind shop counters and all the other mundane jobs filled by millions at the moment ?
    In Europe we have millions struggling to get into the rich nations who have no jobs at all could it be they want to be rocket scientists or pharmacists or doctors ; I expect many of them would be glad of job. Still women can now drive in Saudi Arabia and to hear some of them you would think they have been granted the earth but I suppose deprivation makes you thankful for what you can get and encourages you to ask for more.


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