It is pre-election scramble time in our country at the moment, and we are being pummelled with the likes of ‘Hobsons Pledge’ and their bullshit rhetoric. This lot are espousing their version of ‘lets make america great again’ hate speech. ‘Hobson’ assisted with the treaty, flaws and all. Thats all I have to say about that asshole.

What H.P don’t really grasp, is you can’t move forward, as a nation of ‘togethers’, or anything else for that matter, when you don’t acknowledge the deception employed to be residing in this country in the first place. You can’t move forward when you are still labelling ‘the savages’ with the same old stereotypical bullshit that was utilised in the 1800s; and then blaming them for said bullshit. Paying them off with a few million dollars, isn’t an apology and admission of wrongs. Its just a pay off.

I think what I find the most revolting about the ‘way’ we were colonised / brutalised / stolen from; is the deceit and manipulation. Not that being completely annihilated would have been better; and the fact that we are reminded that we ‘didn’t get it as bad as the Australian Indigenous or the Indigenous peoples of ‘Turtle Island’, is also a gigantic smack in the face.

Instead, a bunch of festering retards rode up in their boats, made themselves at home and went about befriending ‘the natives’; plying us with disease, alcohol and Jesus. And as we died off by the thousands, they pointed towards their God and declared that we were being punished.

The missionaries had their place in all of this disgusting treachery and as the Treaty was being signed, they translated a not so accurate version from their English to their Maori language. Knowing full well that it was not accurate, they continued to proclaim their God would watch over this ‘partnership’.

You see, colonisation 101 wasn’t always manipulation. It used to be anihilation. Cultural extermination and genocide, in the name of God – until some cocky bastard realised they could utilise the savages for labour. That was around about the time slavery was becoming a little more ‘frowned upon’ pfft.

However, to utilise a people for labour without utilising slavery, one must make sure the people want or feel they ‘need’ what is being ‘sold’ to them.

Why work for a bunch of wankers right?

So in the mind-fuck that is colonisation, as the indigenous were dying off from foreign diseases and the colonial asshats were pointing at the white jesus for redemption; another disease took hold. This one lingers today.

The belief that We are un-able to survive without the intervention of the colonist; the government; religion. That we are undesirable, unlearned, uneducated and uncivilised. And because we have come to believe these things, and our inability to survive, we continue to buy into what we are being sold and end up returning to the dysfunctional system that sold us the lie in the first place, believing that they have the answers because they are superior.

After all, they ‘saved’ us from so much pfft.

Until we can undo the mindset that keeps us bound to them and see it for what it really is … until we can listen to who we really are … what we survived … how brilliant our ancestors were … how brilliant we are … then we will keep going around in circles, following the lie that we have been fed for years.

In a nutshell: Colonisation was designed to gain control over people and resources. Decolonisation is the act of freeing oneself from that control.


From YouTube:

Published on Sep 25, 2016
Colonisation and apartheid were cruel acts that were designed to facilitate mass extraction of resources by creating mass impoverishment.
In this message;
1. We explore the 3 systems that were used to entrench
2. The effect on the black collective conscious
3. What we must do to nullify the psychological effects of the past.
















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